SMALL GROUP PSOAS RELEASE – with gentle assists

3 Saturdays in June 2019:
8 June (FULL)
22 June (FULL)
29 June 2-5pm (FULL)
@ Centre for Higher Self, 1 Marion street, Wellington

Please email to book

In June, I will be offering a series of special, deeply nourishing Small Group Psoas Release Candlelight Sessions

where you will be able to:

* try out a variety of set-ups to find what is best suited for your body;
* experience gentle assists to further facilitate relaxation, release and grounding and promote a state of deep rest;
* experience facilitated psoas release movements and set-ups which cannot be effectively offered in a large workshop;
* learn simple techniques for improving the functioning of the vagus nerve (essential for nervous system balance and healthy physiology);
* enjoy a long and delicious relaxation at the end of the session, enhanced by essential oils.

The group will be kept really small ~ 6 people for personalised attention and lots of personal space, but will be big enough to enjoy the group energy.

Tea and chocolate will be shared at the end of the session.

Bookings: please email

Cost: $75,-

More about Psoas Release techniques:

Psoas is the main muscle of good posture, pain-free back, core stability and walking. It is intimately connected to our nervous system and organ function – it affects to the functioning of the diaphragm, the digestive system, the heart and it can have an impact on the adrenal glands which regulate our stress hormones. Psoas is also a place of emotional holding which has a huge impact on our ability to process life experiences, ability to relax and breathe freely.

Experience a holistic way to psoas release and nervous system nourishment. Discover how to connect to the state of deep inner peace while learning to find ease and balance in the body. This session offers a potential to relieve lower back, hip and SI joint pain, improve posture and core function.

For all ages and abilities. The whole session is done on the floor and is deeply restorative.

What others say:  “For a long time now I felt pain in my hip, particularly noticeable when getting out of the car. After the session I noticed an immediate relief as well as a sense of standing straighter, walking with freedom and lightness and feeling a deep sense of overall relief from tension. I don’t remember the last time I felt so peaceful!” – Barbara, Wellington